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I’ve been making jewelry, on and off, for most of my life.  The journey started with a 3 year jewelry metalsmith and lapidary workshop in my high school!  For 4 years, I made jewelry with gold, silver, and gems.   I then moved on to many other art forms: painting, music, photography, sculpture, and would dip into making jewelry from time to time along the way.  In 2012, I took it up full time.
I have expressed my art with many mediums including  music, painting, photography, pencil, pastels, paper, fabric, cement, and clay.  More recently, I was looking for a way to translate the symbolic  imagery I had created in my paintings and cement bas reliefs. Making three-dimensional jewelry became a way to accomplish that goal.
Personal embellishment is an essential part of what makes us human and my efforts with metal clays have allowed me to create pieces that express the wearer’s mood and sense of self.  Wearable art becomes part of a person’s declaration of self-identity. The wearer can connect with others and communicate something about them.  
I now design and make by hand one-of-a-kind and limited edition earrings, necklaces, and bracelets using the techniques of metalsmithing, metal clay, and beading.  I often mix metals, and techniques and focus on elegant design and fine detail.  I work with sterling silver, the colorful metal clay alloys of bronze, brass, copper, and steel, and PMC to create designs evoking the splendor of nature…moons, stars, seeds, cells, leaves, sun rays, birds, crescents, spirals, and more.  Semi precious gems, stones, seed beads, and pearls often play a central role in my work.
You can learn more about my art including sculpture, painting, archival prints, and photographs by going to  gibsonarts.com